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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Google Nexus One so far.

I got my Nexus One recently and i must say, im pretty impressed. The biggest difference to my old HTC Magic was the camera. The camera on the Nexus is much better and finally HTC is getting it as good as Nokias cameras in picture quality. The photos taken are pretty good even in dark conditions (with the flash on).

This picture was taken in complete darkness and i think its pretty ok considering its a mobile phone and there is not a single light helping out anywhere since the picture is taken in a basement.

Surfing is much faster thanks to the faster CPU and so are most other apps and the UI. The only time my phone lags is when i have loads of applications running in the background. Note that when it lags its not wait periods but flickering when changing home screen etc.

All in all its a very nice phone and i like the hardware very much, its a perfect complement to Android. Having Google branding it feels secure also since there will be no questions about upgrades etc being released on time.


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