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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just ordered a Google Nexus One

Dang it, couldnt help myself. Just ordered a new phone while still very pleased with the one i have. The HTC magic is the best phone ive ever owned and that includes a whole lot of phones over the years. Ive gone through most brands and tried many various models, even an OpenMoko i hacked away on. I really wanted to try a Maemo phone but im so darn pleased with Android.

This year are going to be a very interesting and fun year. Microsoft hacking away like feverish beavers on WinMo7, Nokia and Intel bashing Maemo into shape, Palm hopefully getting some traction, Samsung Bada and all the rest who works like madmen to churn out better phones.

I would love to see this level of competition in the OS field. Come to think of it, whats stopping the next big thing on mobile to seep into home computers? Instead of our phones becoming complex, insecure attention whores what if our computers becomes easier, more secure and simpler? Imagine for a second having a computer you just use? No fiddling with strange settings, no anti-this and anti-that, no defrags, no strange errors happening every other full moon etc?

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