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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Been trying chrome OS out.

I have been trying Google Chrome OS out this weekend. I think it can be a success really because i dont feel as restrained as i thought i would. There are an explosion happening online with webapps sprouting up like wildfire.

If Google gets the security and manageless functions working as intended, this is THE computer for people who are either tired of messing about with updates, viruses, defrags and all the problem people associate with computers today.

if i think about that its just a rough snapshot  im sitting on it feels like its going to be very interesting to see what the end result looks like. This year is going to be very interesting indeed.

I hope that Googles ventures into the OS market will make other big companies like HP, Dell etc grow some balls and dare to challange Microsoft at this. We need development to start again in the OS market after 20 years of stalemate. There has been no progress at all on the deeper levels. Mostly its internet that has happened but not much else. Well, woopdedo, when was it the internet was started did you say?

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