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Friday, February 26, 2010

Your doing it wrong, CPU/GPU cooling should be passive!

One thing that i cant understand is why on earth the CPU is still situated inside the computer case. The same goes for the GPU but atleast some of the graphic card manufacturers have understood that its a good thing to atleast vent the hot air from the heatsink outside the case.

If you would put the hot parts of a computer on the opposite side of the motherboard it would be very easy to use passive cooling instead of using fans. A large heatsink sitting in room temperature can take away much more heat than a fan blown heatsink sitting in 35-50 degree celsius. Another plus side is that all the other parts in the computer can operate in much lower temps. Power consumption will also be much lower because no fans need to be running.

That not one single motherboard manufacturer or computer manufacturer has tried passive cooling is pretty sad. Its perfectly possible to build a high performance workstation that at the same time is dead silent without spending a fortune.

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