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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HP Airlife 100, a real netbook.

I have read about the HP Airlife 100 on various sites and by the look of it, this is the type of portable computer i have been waiting for. If priced right this is something that can be to HP what the eeePC was to Asus. The revolutionary isn't the size, software or hardware. The really interesting bit is that its very power efficient thanks to its mobile phone roots.

How about 12 hours of  active use or 10 ! days of standby? Note that having this computer in standby is nothing like having a laptop in power saving mode, especially with android. You still get notifications about incoming events, mail and other things.

It also sports a GPS receiver, Ndrive turn by turn GPS software and anything you can download from Android Market.

I can truly say, i want one of those really bad. HP is totally nuts that dont market this worldwide right now. Its a "must have fsck food for a month" kind of product.

PS. Oh, and i forgot, it has a touchscreen. DS.

Original spanish HP announcement
English translation of the original HP announcement.
Slashgear has some purdy pictures of the little gem.

Image courtesy of openclipart.org

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  1. I think netbooks were the best idea in the world. With this terrible economy, and the consist need for laptops to be mobile, these devices are perfect. When I dicovered what a netbook was I got one for my wife so she had a computer with internet at all times, and it would fit confortably into her purse/bag.