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Monday, February 15, 2010

Remove mono from Ubuntu.

I really think Canonical should think again about including mono in Ubuntu default installation. Its one thing being able to install it if you need it but its really not good that you need it on your default installation. Every single mono app, from banshee to Novells services on Mono i work with all day have a single common denominator, they suck. Memory, performance and stability are nowhere to be found.

Mono could be tossed out on technical merits alone. But thats not where the problem lies. First of all, what application are we getting that we miss in the vast free software world today? I dont know of anything i miss and im very sure the same goes for most users. If you need a Windows application your chances are far greater if you use Wine than someone being able to get a dotnet app working in mono. Im still waiting for someone getting a dotnet app working reliably in Windows (a real one where more than the interface is written in dotnet).

Second of all, why should Linux be the enabler for Microsfts lies about cross platform compability? If Microsoft wants dotnet on Linux, let them make a runtime of their own just like SUN, Adobe or anyone else. That way any compability issue, patent problem or other IP rights are Microsofts own problem.

Putting Mono in Ubuntu is a timebomb waiting to explode and gives the community nothing while it gives Microsoft all the ammo they could ever wish for.

Ask yourself, why are the biggest astroturfers also the most enthusiastic proponents of Mono on Linux? Shouldnt they want Linux to miss this "excellent" technology?

Linux users have proven themselves very picky before and migrated in droves from popular projects and distributions over night. Ubuntu is no exception and if Canonical dont start to listen to their users they could find themselves obsolete very fast.

If canonical wants money, sell something, anything and ill buy. I dont need support but i would gladly pay for other stuff. An app store with games, movies, music, anything.

One thing i would gladly pay for as well would be turn key ready solutions like ebox on the server side. 

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