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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You think Google is bad? Think again.

Microsofts recently started a campaign against Google that in some ways are pretty funny. The result arent really optimal as the worst i have heard is "Google will become Microsoft one day". If all you can do is making your opponent looking as bad as you, your PR firms aren't really worth their money. I also find it pretty amusing that people think the worst thing that could happen a competing company would be if they turned into a new Microsoft. Your customer confidence rating must be pretty low for that to happen.

That said, while Google no doubt has flaws its nowhere near Microsoft. First of all, Google are not a convicted for anything illegal yet. Its history is clean as a babys bottom. This while Microsoft has seen more courtrooms than most Judges. I also have a hard time appointing someone the next successor in line before they actually does something pretty bad.

Google could in theory do criminal  but so could you, or your mother, spouse or kids. That doesn't mean you run around calling them criminals if they have behaved good up until now. A military or hunter isn't a murderer just because they possess a weapon. You need intent and malice for the crime to be committed, not just the weapon.

Microsoft on the other hand do have a criminal record. They have countless successful suits against them. Evidence are in abundance for anyone to read and review. Much of their email correspondence is out in the open from various trials. If in doubt i recommend reading at least some of it just so you don't think its all some conspiracy theory. Its real, it has happened and its thoroughly documented.

    Microsoft timeline
    Suits against MS, other legal issues. 

Now that you have read Microsoft's history you know they did not start all nice and cuddly. They started out bad  to the bone and it has paid off, handsomely.

Google on the other hand is a counter reaction to this. In ways its an experiment, can you make a successful company by being nice? Is it possible to compete against adversaries like Microsoft even if you play fair?

Take a look at the google critisizm page over at Wikipedia. Its at best a description of what possibilities Google have should they turn "evil" tomorrow. I tried searching for more criticism in Microsoft Bing but it didn't turn up much at all. Its all about potential privacy issues should Google go bad.

I'm really not defending Google, i just want to put things into perspective. As i said before, Google has its flaws but compared to most of the competition in the IT world they are very trivial and insignificant so far. Compared to Microsoft, Larry Page and Sergey Brin should have angel wings and rings over their heads.

This could change but there is absolutely nothing pointing at that direction today.

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