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Monday, February 15, 2010

Embracing open source and then censoring it?

I find it very disturbing that Gnome has seen an influx of Microsoft tendencies past year. People like Miquel De Icaza and Philip Van Hoof censor any and all who will post any critic about Microsoft or their technologies. Its bad enough that they are sucking Microsofts tits and implementing inferior buggy infrastructure like dotnet in Linux.

Read this link for more background

Open source are supposed to build on open discussion. Reaching a common conclusion isnt the important part. The crucial thing is having an open honest discussion.

The good part is that people all over starts to realize, you cant play nice with Microsoft. Even if you have good intentions, Microsoft never has and never will. Ask Novell and Yahoo, the latest companies going down the drain just after teaming up with MS.

The Free Software Foundation is more important than ever because open source without them is just being able to read obfuscated code under an NDA. If i would want that i could just as well sit down with a decompiler and a Windows disk.

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