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Friday, February 12, 2010

LXDE, small and fast.

I primarily use LXDE for my desktop these days. The biggest reason is because it works very well and are fast.

Long ago my computing consisted of changing settings, tinkering and rearranging stuff on the desktop. Nowadays i just want my desktop to be a place where i start applications and then change between them. I rarely use the desktop itself.

LXDE fits my needs and more but most importantly it avoid bloat and slowness. Gnome was good but lately it has just become bloated and fat. The current push from Microsoft/Novell to get mono into it has gotten me running away from it. KDE is nice but just not my cup of tea. I dont want to have ten thousand settings at hand, choose one and choose it wisely and im all set.

So, if you like me like small and fast but IceVM, blackbox etc are to minimal give LXDE a whirl.

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