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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boycottnovell, not just an angry haters site.

I found boycottnovell while i was following some leads in documenting neartime history about how the linux netbooks came to disappear over night despite being a huge success for Asus. More on that some other post when i have the time to write it all up.

At first boycottnovell can seem like angry rants but i assure anyone inclined to think so, follow the links and it becomes apparent that its just not blind hate. The man, Roy Schestowitz, is relentless in gathering news from all over the world and linking to stuff i have a real hard time finding myself despite hours of searching. Just like Groklaws Pamela Jones he is very good in providing background and context.

Another thing i have found out is that no site i know about aggregates links as heavily and good as Roy manages to do about Linux. Im genuinly impressed both about the volume of links and the quality of the linked sites. He could start a new site with only the Linux links and be the best news aggregator for Linux hands down, even compared to slashdot.org or lxer.com.

My tip is this, if you think people lambasting Microsoft for being a pretty sucky company are nuts. go read boycottnovell for a couple of days and most importantly, follow the links to the various news sites and confirm them. Think about it for a couple of days and then go read the evidence from the Comes vs DOJ trial against Microsoft. Then come back and tell me Google is evil with a straight face.

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